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자동차 R&D 파트너
차량 계측 센서/시스템 자율주행/ADAS 개발 솔루션 차량 시험 컨설팅 및 리웍
Flex Moshon 3D
Low cost alternative to a fully featured robotic GVT
While robots are the product for NCAP standards, a lot of work can be done affordably, simply and easily using a Flex-Moshon system.
Key Features
Existing Flex-Moshon systems upgradeable.
3D target Follows the path of the towing vehicle
Low cost alternative to a GVT robotic platform
Development work for the Euro NCAP 2018 C2C AEB test protocol
Lateral overlap of GVT - 3D vehicle side visibility
ADAS testing & development
ACC & FCW development
Lane change scenario's
Cut in and curve manoeuvres
Slalom manoeuvrability possible
Uses a 3-pc 3D target (MD-3D-GTI) on a purpose-built Flex-Moshon towable platform