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RT500 v1
Our entry-level INS for slip angle measurement and brake testing
The RT500 v1 is the INS of choice for automotive companies who want to capture consistent, reliable measurements for low dynamics testing, where RTK is not required. e.g. coastdown testing, brake testing, and slip angle measurement.

Its predecessor, the RT2500, earned itself industry-wide recognition as the hero INS solution for low dynamics testing.

Now, with the RT500 v1, the solution replacing the RT2500, the industry`s trusted INS for low dynamics testing has been designed to offer even greater connectivity, mobility and efficiency. And it does so while maintaining the well-revered precision accuracy and affordable price of the RT2500.
Vehicle dynamics testing
Performance testing
Brake testing
Coastdown tests
Low precision slip angle measurement
Key Features
Tightly-coupled GNSS/INS
Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS
CAN 2.0 and CAN-FD interface
3x Ethernet ports
Up to 250Hz output
Onboard WiFi for communication to laptops
CAN Acquisition (optional) - CAN data acquired from other sensors can be logged to the RT
Technical Information
Model RT500 v1
Position 1.6m SPS / 0.6m SBAS / 0.4m DGPS
Velocity 0.1km/h
Pitch / Roll 0.05˚
Heading 0.1˚
Slip angle 0.25˚
Dual antenna Yes