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Moment of Inertia Measurement System (MIMS Upgrade)
The SPMM 5000 MIMS upgrade allows accurate measurement of Centre of Gravity and Principal Moments of Inertia for full vehicles and vehicle components.
Moving body design
The moving body design of the SPMM 5000 allows large roll, pitch, bounce and yaw motions to be applied to the vehicle body. This generates significant forces that are accurately measured using specially selected load cells located in the sill clamps. The moving body design also means the SPMM can be changed from K&C to MIMS measurement mode in less than 30 minutes, without the need to unload the vehicle.
Unrivalled accuracy
The unrivalled accuracy of AB Dynamics' MIMS system is achieved by maximising the measured signal to noise ratio. Significant dynamic forces are generated by oscillating the vehicle using the SPMM's moving centre table. These forces are very accurately measured using piezoelectric load cells specially selected for the MIMS application, located as close to the vehicle as possible in the sill clamp assembly. Importantly the use of piezoelectric load cells allows the static preload to be removed before testing so that the measurement range may be optimised for measuring the significantly smaller dynamic forces.
30 Minute changeover time
Another advantage of the moving body design of the SPMM 5000 is the ability to switch between K&C test mode and MIMS test mode without unloading the vehicle. The procedure for changing mode takes no more than 30 minutes as it simply involves lowering the centre table and switching to the special MIMS sill clamp assemblies.
Non vehicle MIMS testing
By using a frame to hold assemblies such as engines or powertrain, the MIMS system can be used to determine the centre of gravity and moments of inertia of the assembly.