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Suspension Parameter Measuring Machine (SPMM 5000E)
The SPMM 5000E (Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine)
The SPMM 5000E from AB Dynamics is a class leading vehicle Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) test machine designed by suspension engineers for use by suspension engineers. Designed to combine the most faithful possible simulation of on-road vehicle behaviour with the highest possible measurement accuracy it is the development tool of choice for suspension engineers around the world.
Moving body platform
At the heart of the SPMM 5000E is the moving centre table which is precisely controlled in 6 degrees of freedom by 6 precision electromechanical actuators, so that a combination of roll, pitch, bounce and yaw motion can be applied to the vehicle body during K&C and MIMS testing. This design means the ground plane (road) remains fixed during vehicle cornering and braking simulations. Exactly as it does when driving on the road.
Wheel stations
The SPMM is configured with either two or four wheel stations. These apply X, Y and Delta forces and displacements to each wheel and then measure the resultant wheel forces, moments and displacements. Piezoelectric load cell assemblies below each wheel provide high accuracy measurement of the 3 orthogonal wheel forces and the 3 wheel moments, whilst the wheel position measurement system accurately measures the X, Y, Z, steer, camber and spin motion of the wheel center. During vehicle loading, the wheel stations also provide automatic adjustment for wheelbase and track.
Electrical actuators
All axes are driven by electromechanical actuators. This provides the operator with a safe, clean and quiet environment where vehicle behaviour can be closely observed. Electromechanical actuators apply precise inputs to the vehicle at frequencies up to 5Hz. The resultant wheel movement and force measurements are automatically processed using MATLAB scripts to produce an informative report and input files for either CarSim or CarMaker.
Unrivalled Measurement Accuracy
The SPMM 5000E delivers unrivalled measurement accuracy. The Wheel Force measurement system uses the highest quality Kistler piezoelectric multi-component load cells to accurately measure the forces and moments applied to each wheel. Wheel displacements are measured using either our Draw Wire wheel position measurement system (WPMS), or the higher specification Dynamic Arm WPMS. A fully traceable calibration procedure is used to demonstrate the specified accuracies and cross talks, at frequencies up to 5Hz.
System configuration and options
The SPMM 5000E can be configured according to budget and requirements.
A comprehensive range of upgrades and options are available in to enhance its capacity and test capabilities.
Available options include :
Powered steering wheel
Dynamic, up to 5Hz, testing capability
Automatic brake applicator
CAN input and output capabilities
Hardware in the Loop testing capability
Vehicle model data generators
Analogue and digital input and output capabilities
Moments of Inertia and Centre of Gravity measurement capability
Wheel substitutes for wheel centre compliance measurement
K&C Inspect deflection measurement system and body deflection measurement systems
Proven reliability and design
The SPMM has a reputation for outstanding reliability and robustness, with the first SPMM 4000, installed at MIRA in 1995, still in regular use today. The SPMM 5000E uses the same proven design concept of the original machine, updated to improve functionality, usability and capacity to make it suitable for developing the next generation of vehicles. The first SPMM 5000 was installed at Horiba MIRA in 2014.