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Product Quality Testing (PLATO)
High-fidelity results for accurate pass/fail and pinpoint diagnostics
Leading-edge NVH product testing technology with a worldwide reputation for delivering meaningful results day-in, day-out
AB Dynamics has over 30-years of experience designing, deploying and supporting production testing systems where noise/vibration measurements (or signatures) are used as primary indicators of product quality.

Our supply model is based on :

· Advice - on test machine design, sensor choice and location, data capture and analysis options
· Product - feature-rich and robust application software
· Services - software set-up, test proving, training
· Support - ongoing assistance for new test set-up, result interpretation, fault-finding etc
Testing environments
We are best known for providing highly responsive end-of-line (EOL) test systems, but our systems also meet requirements in the following areas :

· In-process test
· Audit test
· In-vehicle test
· Exterior (pass-by) noise diagnostics
· Durability (endurance) monitoring
· R&D/Product development
Result correlation (in-vehicle-to-EOL) promotes meaningful factory based testing
Add objectivity to your powertrain, power-steering and auxiliary products
Products tested
· Axles (front/rear, independently-suspended, beam, with/without tubes, with/without drive-shafts)
· Transmissions (manual, automatic, automated manual, dual-clutch, CVT)
· Transfer cases (4x4, SUV, commercial vehicle)
· PTUs (power take-off units)
· Differential units (4x4 front-rear)
· Engines ('cold' & 'hot')
· Power-steering (hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electric)
· Rolling-element bearings
· Motors
· Alternators
· Pumps & compressor
Global cooperation
For machine-based testing, we work with test machine providers worldwide to integrate our systems into fully-automated test facilities. Please contact us if you're searching for a test machine supplier.
Easy integration with machines from suppliers worldwide
Highly interactive environment for set-up, result viewing & processing
PLATO - Core NVH Measurement & Analysis Software
PLATO software forms the highly-configurable core platform for all our NVH test solutions. It :

· Structures your resources
· Defines test profiles/sequences
· Configures data capture and analysis
· Orchestrates results storage
Real-time analysis in production test mode
Swap PLATO into production test mode and it waits to receive information on the product to be tested before automatically sequencing through a test schedule defined specifically for the product model being tested. Integrated data capture and real-time parallel processing ensures that results are available as the test progresses. OPC (software) handshaking with test machine controllers (PLCs, PCs etc.) is a standard feature.
Intuitive `see-what-you-hear` real-time analyses
Support for a wide range of dynamic sensors and National Instruments data acquisition hardware
We can recommend and supply the measurement and analysis hardware, but many customers, including machine builders, opt to source this hardware themselves to reduce costs.

· Sensors, cables, powering/conditioning
· Data acquisition ('DAQ') hardware (all our systems use National Instruments™ (NI) DAQ-hardware, readily available worldwide. Click here to view a list of supported NI DAQ-hardware)
· Computers (for test stations and servers for data storage)
Key Features
Multi-channel hardware/software system solution
Automation with test machine controllers
Intuitive graphical set-up
Pass/fail and pinpoint diagnostics
High-accuracy correlations (machine based testing to in-vehicle assessments)
Expected order and unexpected ('ghost') order grading/comparison metrics
Precision order-locked analysis, using a product shaft speed reference signal to synchronise data acquisition to exact shaft speed
Automated data capture and processing environment in addition to in-depth interactive graphing/reporting
Add-on Sub Products
Extend the capabilities of your PLATO system by selecting one or more of the available add-on sub products.
Condition monitoring of driverless vehicles, S1A - DURAMON
Condition monitoring of vehicles driven by AB Dynamics' robots
Monitor ABD robot system controller outputs
Monitor noise/vibration
Monitor on-board diagnostics (OBD)
Signal adverse trend warnings/alarms to base-station
Condition Monitoring of Fixed Assets, S1B - DURAMON
Condition monitoring of test machines and/or products on durability test
Early warning system for asset health degradation
Popular add-on for automated test machines
Signal adverse trend warnings/alarms to test machine controller
Static/Dynamic Imbalance Measurement, S2 - DYBAL
1-Plane (static) and 2-plane (dynamic) imbalance measurement
Stand-alone or combine with NVH test cycle
Tooling measurement and compensation routines
Calculation of optimum 'fixes'
Fault Analysis & Root-Cause Classification, S3 - FOCUS
Fault analysis and classification based on 3D spectral mapping
Automatic fault-library building
Pareto view of faults detected allows resources to be focussed on real issues
No downtime if root cause information is not immediately available
Transmission Error & Dynamic Backlash, S4 - METKIT
Transmission error, dynamic backlash and pitch-line runout measurement and analysis
2-Axis and 3-Axis TE
Dynamic backlash from reverse rotations or torque flips
PLRO and torsional analyses from low pulse-rate encoders
Engine Manufacturing Fault Detection, S5 - NUREN
Engine work-cycle mapping for detection of manufacturing faults
'Super-impulse' 1/3 octave frequency analysis locked to engine rotation on 'cold' test
Work-cycle averaging to enhance defect signatures
Automatic acceptance level learning
Passby Noise Measurement & Analysis, S6 - PASSBY
Exterior noise measurement and analysis with precision order tracking for source ID
Supplied with 'tacho' telemetry system
Doppler-corrected analysis
Can be used with accelerator robot (AR1) for highly repeatable test control
Gear Face Damage & Bearing Defect Detection, S7 - REVKIT
Bearing defect and gear face damage ('nick/knock') detection
Revolution 'envelope' and revolution averaging based processes
Processed in parallel with core PLATO order analysis
Auto-definition of rolling element defect orders
Result trending & Statistical Analysis, S8 - STATS
Summary result trending/statistical analysis/'BOB' and 'WOW' ID at the test station
Automatic update at the end of each test cycle
Applicable to expected order and expected event (RevKit) results
Trends, classical SPC and outlier (best-of-the-best and worst-of-the-worst)
Warnings/alarms signalled to test machine controller
Time History Logging & Analysis, S9 - TIMKIT
Time-history logging, zoning and analysis
Sampled channel vs. time or sampled channel vs. sampled channel
Range checking
Analysis Licences, S20
Run PLATO (and add-ons) on your desktop/laptop
Full functionality (minus ability to capture data)
Retrieve, review, analyse and report results
Free of charge when supporting a data-capture enabled system
PLATO Server & Analysis Clients, S30
Common storage of results from multiple PLATO-based test stations
Automatic result marshalling and transfer from unlimited number of test stations
SQL-database for summary results
Compressed data 'hive' for raw and processed data
Unlimited number of Analysis Clients for result retrieval, analysis, display and reporting
Software free of charge (networking and server hardware by customer)