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차량 계측 센서/시스템 자율주행/ADAS 개발 솔루션 차량 시험 컨설팅 및 리웍
Signal Electronic SCU8005D
As a stand-alone solution with integrated software for the flexible metering and control via touch-screen display, the flowtronic system independent solution. The interface for distance sensors also allows a fuel consumption measurement related to speed or travelled distance. As an important innovation, an optional Ethernet interface offers now a seamless integration of flowtronic systems into customer's test benches. This includes features like flexible signal line length from short cables up to worldwide links.
Key Features
Signal electronic unit required to operate the S8005C or FCS-D-xxx
Version with internal touch-screen display
Analog outpu t: 0 ... 10VDC, for example for 0,5 ... 100l/h
Digital output (TTL) : 30kHz, for example for 100l/h, 800pulses/ccm
Optional ethernet interface
Buildup in separate housing
Signal output via BNC connector
Power supply nominal : 12VDC
Power supply range : 8 ... 30VDC
Dimension : 135mm x 95mm x 105mm (without connectors)
Weight : Approx. 720g
Serial USB connection : 104879
Software flowProArchive : 104054
Software for notebook/PC (not included) for data transfer from the flowtronic signal electronic unit SCU8005D and for data evaluation
Communication via serial interface USB, optional via Ethernet
Data storage in csv file, ASCII compatible
Data presentation in table format for the values time, flow rate and total consumption
Off-line graphical data presentation of flow rate and total consumption vs. time, full automatic scale range only, without zoom function and/or selectable scaling
The software 'flowProArchive' is a 32-bit program running under MS-Windows XP ... Windows 8. It is designed for data transfer between the signal electronic SCU8005D to a notebook/PC via serial connection USB. Ethernet connection is also available as an option. The system parameters of the signal electronic SCU8005D can be set by this software.