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Sensor FCS-D-190/380/570/700
The FCS-D-190/380/570/700 system is an integrated system for diesel fuel consumption measurement
The FCS system-D-190/380/570/700 is an integrated system for the measurement of engines (diesel engines) with forward and return line for fuel supply with the fuel pump at the engine (suction). The measuring range is 0.1 to 250l/h, and the output of the internal pump for fuel circulation is max. 190/380/570/700l/h. Due to the 24V DC power supply, the system can be operated directly from the truck battery. The FCS-D systems can be easily installed into the existing fuel supply via four fuel tube connections equipped with quick lock couplings.
Fuel consumption measurement of engines (typically diesel engines) with the fuel supply pump located at the engine
Technical Information
Model FCS-D-190-700
Applications Fuel consumption measurement of engines (typically diesel engines) with the fuel supply pump located at the engine
Permitted fuel types Diesel, optionally gasoline, bio and alcohol based fuel
Measurement parameters Fuel volume, Fuel temperature (option),
Fuel pressure (option)
Flow rate Measuring range 0,1 ... 250l/h
Volume Measuring accuracy ±0.5% of value (at a flow rate within 1 ... 50l/h)
Measuring resolution 0.004ml
Flow temperature (option) Measuring range -20 ... +75˚C
Measuring accuracy K-type thermo couples DIN IEC 584, class 1
Measuring resolution Depending on external data acquisition
(not included to delivery)
Fuel circulation rate FCS-D-190 : 170 ... 190l/h
FCS-D-380 : 340 ... 380l/h
FCS-D-570 : 520 ... 580l/h
FCS-D-700 : 700 ... 780l/h
Inner diameter (mm) of engine fuel tube FCS-D-190/380 : ≤20mm
FCS-D-570/700 : ≤25mm
Nominal width of couplings FCS-D-190/380 : NW 10.0FF
FCS-D-570/700 : NW 16.0FF
Quick lock couplings Self closing and leakage free
Operational pressure Max. 0.2bar
Operating temperature -20˚C ... +70˚C
Fuel filter Located on the front side
Operating directions Any
Mounting By thread inserts M5 in the bottom plate
(see operational manual)
Dimensions (W × H × D) Approx. 265mm × 205mm × 475mm
Weight FCS-D-190 : 18kg
FCS-D-380 : 19.5kg
FCS-D-570 : 21kg
FCS-D-700 : 22kg
Power supply 22 ... 32VDC, nominal 24VDC
Power consumption FCS-D-190 : 150W
FCS-D-380 : 300W
FCS-D-570 : 450W
FCS-D-700 : 600W