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ibeoNEXT (Sample 2020)
With the new ibeoNEXT 4D solid state LiDAR Ibeo expands its position as a technology leader in the fi eld of LiDAR sensors. With its wide detection range, high resolution, and its vertical angle, the development of the solid state LiDAR is a milestone on the way to fully autonomous driving.
The System Includes :
a centralized processing unit :

Low level (Raw data) sensor fusion
3D object tracking
Object classification
Static environment representation
Intensity image (4th dimension)
Key Features
The modular structure allows a wide range of applications
No moving parts at all / all solid state
Small design, easy to integrate and a low weight
Optimized power consumption
4D output: 3D point cloud & intensity image
Manufacturability at automotive standards
Cost efficient design (Same core components, different optical elements)
ibeoNEXT sensor family: Sensor heads with different fields of view are available
Qualified for driving assistance systems and automated driving from level 2 up to level 5
Technical Information
Technology / Laser / Optical
Technology Direct time of flight - 4D Solid State LiDAR output of 3D distance and 1D echo intensity information (including confidence value)
Laser class CLASS 1 laser product according to DIN EN 60825-1:2015-07
Wave length 885nm
Range (10% remission) Long range : 150m Mid range : 75m Short range : 60m
Mesurement / Scan Pattern
Resolution (horizontal x vertical) 128 x 80px (uniform)
Field of view (horizontal x vertical) Long range : 11.2 x 7 Mid range : 32 x 20 Short range : 60 x 37.5
Angular resolution (horizontal x vertical) Long range : 0.04 x 0.07 Mid range : 0.125 x 0.20 Short range : 0.23 x 0.38
Maximum range Programmable (typical Long range: 260m / Mid range : 100m / Short range : 80m)
Scan pattern Pure-electronic sequential row scan
128 channels in parallel
Measurement principle Full-digital signal processing of time of flight raw histograms (no thresholds)
Multi-echo capability Up to 3 echos per pixel
(allow high-performance measurement in challenging environmental conditions, e.g. rain and dust)
Update rate Fully programmable, typical 25Hz
Operating temperature range -40 C to 85 C
Mechanical / Electrical
Supply voltage 12V / 24V
Power consumption 10W (typical), < 15W (maximum)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 108 x 102 x 83mm
Protection class IP6K9K
Weight 780g
Data I / O
Point cloud output 100Base-T Ethernet
Configuration and control Ethernet